Price & Payment: Klinikum Landshut

Prices & Payment

As an international patient you are treated by our clinic as self-paying resp. private patient. If possible we will offer you a single room or, if desired resp. available, one of our comfort rooms. To give you a better indication of the costs you will face for your treatment at our medical facility, we will prepare a cost estimate free of charge. We will not be able to inform you of the actual costs until the end of your treatment.  

Cost assessment

The cost assessment for your treatment consists of the DRG-Fallpauschale (Lump Sum for DRG=Diagnosis Related Groups), additional remuneration fees, fees for additional services and a risk surcharge. After we have received your medical documents, we will send you the following overview:  

  • Procedure and duration of therapy 
  • Cost assessment
  • Earliest possible admission date 

This inquiry is free of charge for you. We will send you a reply to your inquiry within 5 to 10 days. 

DRG Lump Sum
German hospital financing has defined about 1,200 so-called DRG Lump Sums since 2003 which assign a fixed standard price to each hospital treatment depending on the primary and secondary diagnoses. This lump sum is valid for all hospitals within Bavaria. Each Lump Sum has its own nation-wide standard point value.
A detailed description of your complaints plus a statement documenting the reason why you would like to be treated at our medical facility is therefore essential in order to ensure that we will be able to prepare an informative cost assessment. In addition, we also require a current medical report / discharge letter in German or English.
We would furthermore appreciate your latest blood work, radiology reports and surgery reports or reports of biopsies, if these have been performed. In this case, too, we require these reports in German or in English.

Additional remuneration fees
Not all medical services required for treatment are covered by the Lump Sum. In particular, drugs or implants are not covered by the Lump Sum. The German Hospital Financing System has provided standard definitions for such services. A fixed price is assigned to each service. This means that we are in a position to document all costs transparently.
For services which are so novel and modern that they have not been listed in the catalogue of additional remuneration fees as yet, there are standards which apply on a nation-wide basis. These are classified as so-called “new examination and treatment methods”.

Service fees for the private ward and contract fees for medical treatment
With the agreement for the private ward and contract fees for medical treatment by the senior medical consultant you pay an additional daily surcharge for a single room or comfort room and the additional fees associated therewith. The DRG Lump Sum only covers your accommodation in a standard two-bed room.
The contract fees for medical treatment for doctors list the fees for medical treatment charged by the senior medical consultant or his representative. Each special division involved in your treatment will charge contract fees for medical treatment separately. 

Assumption of costs

Persons insured under the national health scheme from EU countries
In the case of elective, i.e. projectable treatments you have to apply for approval by your national health organisation. If your treatment is approved, your national health organisation will send you the standard S2 form which is valid throughout the whole of Europe. This form documents your entitlement to treatment at a foreign country. With this form you can contact any national health organization in Germany of your choice and then there is nothing to prevent you from undergoing treatment.  

If you are an EU citizen and have to undergo treatment on the grounds of a medical emergency, the costs will be wound up via your European Health Insurance Card.
Please be informed that this card does not cover any costs for injuries or diseases which you already had before leaving your home country and prior to travelling to a foreign country. 

Patients with private health insurance from EU countries
Patients with private health insurance from EU countries are welcome at any time at our medical facility. For treatment at our clinic a down payment according to our cost estimate is required. We recommend you to contact your private health insurance to clarify the cost situation in advance.  

Patients from non-EU countries (in particular from Russia, United Arab Emirates etc.)  
For treatment at our clinic a down payment according to our cost estimate is required. We recommend you to contact your private health insurance to clarify the cost situation in advance.  


It is recommended to send us your inquiry by e-mail. Attachments up to 10 MB in size can be sent (medical reports, X-ray images etc.). You can alternatively fax your medical reports or send us these by mail to the following address:

Klinikum Landshut
Robert-Koch-Straße 1
84034 Landshut 

Contact person for our English-speaking patients:

Gabriele Höffner
Stellv. Leitung Patientenaufnahme [Assistant Manager Patient Admission]
Phone 0049-871-3603
Fax 0049-871-3195

Contact person for our Russian-speaking patients:

Birgit Mädler
Leitung Patientenaufnahme [Manager Patient Admission]
Phone 0049-871-3600
Fax 0049-871-3195