News Detail: Klinikum Landshut

One of Germany’s best breast centres

According to a special edition of the news magazine, Focus, the certified interdisciplinary breast center under the special direction of Dr. med. Ingo Bauerfeind, Senior Medical Consultant at the gynaecological clinic of Klinikum Landshut, ranks at position 21 of Germany’s best breast centres. Solely university clinics are positioned at higher ranks. According to Focus only three centres for breast cancer treatment are listed before the KLINIKUM.

As per the information provided, Focus interviewed 18,000 doctors and evaluated millions of data on the quality of therapies and surgical interventions for its special edition "Gesundheit" ("Health"). For over half a year the independent research institute Munich Inquire Media worked on the ranking list. Besides extensive interviews with doctors regarding their recommendations the institute studied the quality reports of clinics and contacted the individual centres for information on their service offers as well as diagnostics and therapy options. The breast centre at the Klinikum Landshut convinced above all by its over-average high reputation and hygiene standards. In addition thereto, the full scope of modern therapy options are offered at the breast centre which is able to revert to ultra-modern diagnostics including the PET/CT, the combination of Positron Emission Tomography and computer tomography with which even the minutest tumour cells can be identified.

With approx. 70,000 diseased women every year in Germany, breast cancer is the most frequent malign tumour amongst women. The available options for treatment of this disease have improved continuously over the past years. The prognosis rises reliably, the earlier the disease is diagnosed. As head of the project group "Breast Carcinoma" at the Tumour Centre of the Munich universities Dr. Ingo Bauerfeind has been playing a leading role in developing clinical treatment guidelines over the last years.

Besides the excellent tumour treatment at the Breast Centre Dr. Bauerfeind also underlines the further treatment spectrum at his Gynaecological Clinic which enjoys an excellent reputation not only for treatment of all other malign and benign female disorders, but also as for its obstetrics division with its excellent medical care and intimate atmosphere.

Within the overall ranking of hospitals in Germany the Klinikum Landshut as tertiary care hospital in Bavaria ranks at position 37 of 370 Bavarian hospitals. Besides Straubing and Bad Abbach it is the only representative from Lower Bavaria amongst the top 50 medical facilities.

Dr. Ingo Bauerfeind, Senior Medical Consultant at the Gynaeclogical Clinic and Head Physician of the Breast Centre at the Klinikum Landshut

Dr. Ingo Bauerfeind, Senior Medical Consultant at the Gynaeclogical Clinic and Head Physician of the Breast Centre at the Klinikum Landshut