News Detail: Klinikum Landshut

New heart catheter lab at Klinikum Landshut

Klinikum Landshut recently acquired a completely new heart catheter lab. The X-ray-installation of the latest generation delivers extremely sharp images and films; and that at a greatly reduced radiation exposure for the patients as well as the examining personnel. A projection of the first examination showed that x-radiation could be reduced by 40-50% while the quality of the images could be increased. Moreover, the usage of a new infusion pump makes it possible to use fewer of the x-ray contrast agent, which means a more gentle treatment, especially for patients at a critical condition suffering from kidney diseases or cardiac insufficiency.

Simultaneously, the heart catheter ward moved to new, larger rooms with a very bright, agreeable atmosphere and a view of the park. This section of the hospital now makes it possible to prepare the patients and to watch them overnight at the same location, so that patients with a specific appointment usually don’t need to use a bed in the nursing ward. Outpatients can be discharged directly after the examination and an observation process using a monitor. For the course of treatment this means that transfers to other doctors for further treatment and nursing personnel on other wards are no longer required.

By means of a highly modern data network, the images can be looked at on computers in the whole hospital, so that easy access to the images facilitates making the right decisions on the ward and in the intensive care unit. Klinikum Landshut is also connected online to the important partners in cardiac surgery in Regensburg, Munich and Vogtareuth. Aside from the classical coronary diagnosis, the scope of treatment in the new lab entails the treatment of cardiac infarctions including emergency care, ventilation and intensive therapy as well as heart surgery, such as the shield operation in case of cardiac defects or a valvulotomy. Furthermore, this section of the hospital can conduct treatments such as cardiac pacemaker therapy and electrophysiological treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. The renal denervation of the sympathetic nervous system was established as a new way of treating serious cases of hypertension.